GUCCI, GUCCI founded in Florence, Italy in 1921, is the world's top luxury brand. GUCCI (GUCCI) to young fashion popular support, GUCCI bag is diverse, its design and style distinctive.GUCCI bag most commonly in cortex and the combination of spinning cloth is given priority to, or of the whole cloth or full leather are also common.
GUCCI (GUCCI) bags daily care? What are those?
1, the combination of fabric and the aniline leather how to cleaning and maintenance: with professional 1900 cleaner can clean, after in the shade to dry.
2, it should be noted that Gucci handbags outlet can't use tap water to wash, easy to leap into color (color gucci handbags for cheap (channeling often is next to rub off the cortex), GUCCI package dyeing is best can get timely to clean out front, time is long, will not be able to clean, very affect your love the image of the package.
Care what GUCCI (GUCCI) bag?
3, no matter what kind of GUCCI bag got wet by rain, should be wiped in time.
Care what GUCCI (GUCCI) bag?
Part 4, GUCCI leather maintenance: daily maintenance, only with professional maintenance of oil maintenance.
5, should choose according to different leather, different detergents.Generally light face, with 1900 professional cleaners, aniline leather cleaner with aniline, suede USES clean should be appropriate to add some softener, etc.
News business surveys by the interface program "business the FBI" launched "back which big bags can let a person look very washed out?"Results after vote last week, Gucci and Louis Vuitton respectively by 27% and 26% of the vote as news user interface in the heart, two brands Replica Gucci Handbags handbags most of gas.
"Gucci red and green lines package that can fire, but now feel a lot of style are soil."Work in the financial industry, this year 25 years old Ma Yali firmly voted for Gucci, "I don't like a pile of small Logo printing design, is too old."
According to bain, released in 2012 China's luxury Gucci handbags outlet market research report, 25 to 35 years old of luxury consumers compare their older, more emphasis on product uniqueness, choice and their personality is more and more inclined to match the brand or product.
According to "fortune", compared with 2013, in 2014, the factors which influence Chinese consumers choose luxury, designer style a year-on-year growth of 4%, 33.1%, of all the influence factors including brand awareness in the fastest growing.This makes some new into the market niche designer won the young people of all ages.
Many of the luxury brands this just beginning to realize that young people for their future at the helm, in nearly two years continuously try to classical and traditional into more fashion elements, in order to grab more and more value design itself in emerging markets.
In fact, whether in 2013, the new art director Nicolas Ghesquiere, or before Marc Jacobs, Replica Gucci Handbags LV is not without new exploration on the style, such as its "Petite" Malle, back to the early LV travel box type restoring ancient ways elements, or a Soft Lockit bags, has changed the traditional Louis vuitton classic highlight the style of the Logo.
Supermodel Karlie Kloss Louis vuitton Soft Lockit was taking snapshots.
And Gucci after performance is tanking, aggressively to replace the CEO Patrizio di Marco and creative director Frida Giannini, once is responsible for design of leather accessories such as Alessandro Michele served as director of new ideas, from the perspective of the debut of he launched in February, Gucci should allow ripe female elegant, with a bow, clairvoyant outfit, and explaining the other neutral berets.Later this month in the recently released AD films, Gucci and chose a shabby room playing and restoring ancient ways is decadent.
Yet in rankings of the top three, in addition to the Gucci and LV, Burberry also came in third with 23% of the vote.They are also among the nine brands of more than 10% of the three, it represents a substantial number of Chinese consumers hold similar to its attitude and choice.
"Very British" Burberry, actually is a diligent change.Burberry from ten years ago began early in the high-end clothing line on the Burberry Prorsum tried to remove the classic color of case grain design.At the same time, in order to adapt to the Internet, it is nearly five years of "digital" experiment have covered the social, business, marketing and other fields.Burberry is looking for new partners of science and technology has been positive.
Gucci 2015 early autumn.
The debugging and consumers behavior change about China market, they are quickly out of the appeal of luxury Logo itself exists., general manager of HSBC Erwan Rambourg in his new book, "The" Bling Dynasty: according to The Reign of Chinese key-2 Luxury Shoppers Has Only Just Begun, "(" The shining Dynasty: Why The Chinese Luxury consumers sheng xueliang Just beginning") wrote: "Louis Vuitton since 2003, in China is a very important brand, Japan coincided with LV sales peak, while Japan's elite not too concerned about The brand to cater to The mainstream. But China business class Has different attitude, most of them buy Luxury goods because want to show their different."
With the growth in the number of rich people in China,Gucci handbags outlet LV that let a person feel distinctive sign to become embarrassing."LV too common, it is a secretary for brands."According to the American Internet media Business Insider, a female billionaires who have told the China market research group in 2011, "everyone has every restaurant in Beijing can see LV. So now I will choose Chanel and Bottega Veneta, they are more special."
Gucci, LV and Burberry due to become too easy to attract wealthy buyers fade, they Ceng Yingao popularity high-profile, now suffers from household name instead.On the other hand, such as Bottega Veneta awareness lower European brands are growing quickly.
In addition, the price also is still divided into one of the important factors of consumers, Chanel and Hermas overall price is on the high side.And from the point of the pyramid figure in shining dynasty, Bottega Veneta and Hermes from the brand overall price range has exceeded the boundary of the luxury brands, towards the field of super luxury brands, pulled open the distance and LV, Gucci and other brands.
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