Fashion brand Hermes bag emerge in endlessly, but you know what?There are so few package money, their name comes from the Fashion Icon, perhaps, movie star or royal royal, in short, a group of women have their own unique charm.As time goes by, some of them may have a beauty, but they have special meaning of bag but remain in the world, become hard to reproduction is classic.
It is not money can buy you want to buy the Hermes Birkin, a symbol of luxury and practical, source there are a lot of, but currently accepted story only this one.Its source from the 70 s the goddess Jane Birkin, perhaps we are not very familiar with her, was the British female artist, a generation of diva, languid is lazy sexy with French elegance.Laugh to expose imperfect teeth, there is no paper engagement with French elvis Presley Serge Gainsbourg living together for 12 years, Jane Birkin is so bold along with the gender, is the darling of the fashion circle.
When she was in Paris to London in 1984, just sitting in the Hermes CEOJean - Louis Dumas.Not careful, when you open a Hermes notepad inside some loose paper fell to the ground, Dumas noticed the details, and an opening in a few weeks after sewing on the back of the notebook (from at this time has become a traditional Hermes) back to her.Jane and complained to him did not meet her demand large capacity of the bag, can let her put bottles and diapers, shortly afterwards, a meet she describes bags have come to the front of her, named Birkin.
A lot of friend bought Victoria gossip bag, will more attention to the protection of the bags and maintenance.But our bag is dirty
(1) with lightweight soft cloth to wipe the dust on the surface of the leather
(2) to the surface of the bag onto a layer of care agent, this will get the most effective care, leather bag returned to appearance beautiful, luster, texture soft, at the same time, waterproof, mechanical strength, such as tensile strength, tear strength, grain split strength, etc.) can be increased.To better protect leather texture on the surface of the package.
(3) after being care agent natural drying, will shake professional leather cleaner, with a soft cloth to gently wipe.
(4) small area pollution, the cleaner spray directly on the leather surface.Large area pollution, cleaner can be poured out from the bottle, in a container, with a soft brush with detergent, painted directly on the skin surface.Stay about 2 ~ 5 minutes, with a soft brush brush, to the dirt off, be sure to wipe down the surface of the skin texture, if it is a gap, along the crack to wipe.
(5) if the stain is longer, the thickness of the leather surface dirt is bigger, can penetrate the skin texture.The leather simulation oil leather cleaner, because it is oil, poor permeability, cleaning effect is not ideal, can be diluted with 10% of the water, shake well before use.Water can help skin leather cleaner penetration simulation oil, cleaning effect is good, clean and high efficiency, it won't hurt shell surface, because leather itself also has certain moisture content, the moisture content of the animal itself is higher than 10%.
Oh ~ you must take good care of yourself bag, Hermes Birkin Bag is our stealth doraemon, bag just like our friends to accompany us through each day.Vg bag wish you have a happy mood every day.
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