Follow me!Easy to distinguish between authentic and fake Cheap Prada Handbags
Often have WeChat friends find pine forest to authenticity identification bag, now on the market there are many fake prada, some imitation goods has come to the point where the setup, if spent a lot of money to buy is a fake, it really makes people feel depressed, today I for everybody to explain what time, total together learn how to identify its authenticity.
1, nylon aspect: the authentic prada nylon is made of the parachute material, the material heat-resisting, thick, crisp, toughness, surface the luminosity is not big, it can be seen under a magnifying glass to watch twill.And fake prada does not use this good material, is made from the ordinary chemical fiber, either it is the quality of a material is frivolous, not simple sense, or it's too thick too hard, false materials or very smooth surface, or extremely dark, and can be seen under the magnifying glass dot grain.
2, cortical areas: authentic prada is made of cowhide, sheepskin, crocodile skin, all leather have obvious prints and unique flavour, fake prada leather hard, prints.
3, triangle LOGO: the authentic prada the center of the metal triangle LOGO location in the package, the line round the edge of the car and the interval of the triangle LOGO very said, and the lettering on the LOGO is made by hand, very AoTuGan.Fake Cheap Prada Handbags LOGO position would not necessarily be in the middle of the bag, car line very rough.
4, zippers: authentic prada metal zipper weight is heavier, fake zipper is very light.
5, straps: authentic prada nylon with elastic and can't afford to the surface of the nylon ball, diagonal braces.Fake thin straps, without flexibility, no diagonal braces.
Here to teach you some tips:
Brand new authentic is there must be a special leather smell, the taste is special leather prada anticorrosive potions taste, there is no way to fake, because the cost of this potion is too high, we want smell Suggestions can go to the shop.
Most of the dark look of basic package nylon fabric material, mat several layers in the nylon fabric, inner make bag feels not thin feels.
Touch the bag on the metal LOGO, font parts have a slightly prominent.
Zipper head behind the metal parts of the bearing is the latest anti-counterfeiting mark words Lampo, traditional characters, the following will have a number, probably started in 2002.
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