Replica Ray Ban Sunglasses RB4165 Square Sunglasses 54 mm ray-ban Sunglasses, numbering RB4165, classic Squre rectangular frame model, the unique shape and Ray - Ban on its leg handwriting identification.Use dark brown gradient glass lenses, 100% UV protective coating to protect, tie-in tortoiseshell frames, lens width 54 mm, 16 mm, nasal spacing mirror legs 145 mm long, men and women all can wear, quite stylish.
RAY - BAN Cheap Ray ban everyone must be very familiar with, it with the Harley, ZIPPO lighters as a symbol of American culture.In the first half of the 20th century, wear a pair of ray-ban glasses is such a celebrity's habits;Up to now, a pair of ray-ban lens can be said to be the tide necessary.
Replica Ray Ban Sunglasses ray-ban 0 rb4125 Cats series 5000, transparent box, cool flash lens belongs to the most classic ray-ban sunglasses Cats 5000 series, classic and fashionable appearance.Picture frame for injection molding materials, matte transparent color.Lenses for resin lenses, orange mirror surface.Transparent box match orange cool flash lens, who wear who you have.As a brand product, 100% UVA & UVB ultraviolet protection is a must.Teardrop-shaped lenses, the traditional and modern perfect harmony.55 mm lens width, height of 50.9 mm, 13 mm width of the bridge of the nose, its leg length is 140 mm.Lens on the left side of the upper part of Ra - yban logo, on the right side have anti-counterfeiting RB curlicue signature.
Classic Replica Ray Ban Sunglasses Aviator Fake ray ban sunglasses, from the year before launch after cool bright color is tie-in, additional yan immediately change height value, star snowboarding progresses.Before my father where to, or run male, and tzu chi ling sister participation pattern sister small fresh meat, let the heat of the glasses high. The Fake ray ban Aviator sunglasses chi ling elder sister with series, the polarization of sheet is tasted, no mirror effect, and the bright degree of SAO declined, but the gas dye-in-the-wood, classic Rayban modelling makes it recognizable high.
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