26 Feb 2018

Electronic Timesheeting System

LCR rolls out a new electronic timesheeting system for employees...

We are pleased to announce that the electronic timesheets for SEQ go live on Monday, 26th February 2018. The timesheets are processed through the mobile app “Deputy” and allows users to enter their hours electronically. The timesheet data is then fed directly to our HR and payroll personnel. The system allows for a more streamlined and efficient timesheeting process.

The ICT department alongside our Payroll Manager (Melisa Flemming) and HR Manager (Candice Micairan), have been working hard over the last 3 months to set up and implement “Deputy”. The system has been tested and trialled and is ready to go live in March 2018 as scheduled.

Candice has spent time providing adequate “Deputy” training for Supervisors and riggers. “Deputy” will initially be available for use for the SEQ mobile crane drivers and riggers with the plan to slowly roll out use for all other divisions by the end of June 2018.