30 May 2018

Men's Health Week

June is all about men’s well-being in focus. The entire month will be dedicated to raising awareness for any heath related issues that men may face. This includes both physical and mental health related issues. The stigma around mental health is still prevalent in our society and can only be combated through education and open communication.

Did you know?

  • That on average men live approximately 5 years less than women
  • Each hour, more than 4 men die prematurely from potentially preventable illnesses
  • The suicide rate is approximately 4 times higher for men than women
  • Almost twice as many Australian men die of skin cancer than women
  • Every cigarette you smoke takes 11 minutes of your life
  • 75% of people who have diabetes die from cardiovascular disease
  • A man’s life is affected by genetics 25% and modifiable risk factors 75%
  • Men account for 74% of alcohol-related deaths
  • Almost one-quarter of all men (24%) have not seen a doctor in the past year
  • 1 in 10 men have not seen a doctor in 5 years
  • More than 66% of Australian men are overweight and this is predicted to rise to 83% by 2023
  • 72% of men admit to binge drinking – this can lead to long term brain damage, heart and liver disease, high blood pressure and increased risk of cancer
  • Men in blue collar work (such as trades) are x2.5 times more likely to die from liver disease than white collar workers

These are some scary statistics. It’s time to face the facts and take men’s health and wellbeing seriously. It’s time we welcomed discussion on the importance of emotions, getting in touch with our feelings and addressing the stigma attached to “mental health”. It’s time to break away from the prescribed definition of masculinity and address the life threatening health risks men around Australia face daily.  

The link below is to a video called “23.5 Hours” by Dr Mike Evans and it explains the significant role exercise plays in managing and preventing chronic disease. It has a powerful message and is definitely worth a watch. 


There will be an LCR wellbeing webinar that will take place on Wednesday, 13 June at 11am – 11.30am.  In addition, the pdf attached provides an informative breakdown o f the various health issues facing men (of all ages) with various strategies on how to prevent and promote healthy living.

Additional resources and support can be accessed via the Employee Assistance Program.

Candice Micairan has also put together a gift bag for all the men at LCR (see picture up top). There are some great support resources in there along with a few goodies as well! For any further questions or concerns, please contact Candice on cmicairan@lcrgroup.com.au.

Alternatively, if you feel that you need to speak with someone urgently you can contact Men’s Line Australia on 1300 78 99 78.