Safety & Technology

At LCR safety is non-negotiable, it is our "Licence to Operate".

LCR prides itself on a safety first approach, innovation and technology to assist in setting industry standards.

Safety is Non-Negotiable

LCR prioritise this safety first approach with stringent processes and procedures;

  • High focus culture with positive working attitudes and behaviour
  • Extensive internal and external safety audit program and continuous improvement focus
  • Implementation of various health programmes and initiatives
  • Ongoing skills development and competency testing for all employees
  • Hogan Psychological Testing – Safe Attitudes and Behaviours
  • Intranet Safety Management System
  • Online Incident Reporting Systems
  • Employee Involvement and Consultation
  • Stringent Reporting System
Fleet Control & GPS Monitoring

Fleet Control & GPS Monitoring

LCR always remain forward thinking, pushing the boundaries to do things more efficiently, to prioritise safety and accountability and to automate processes to help eliminate human error and improve ease of use. This innovative thinking has led to the development and implementation of sophisticated software and technology in LCR trucks and cranes and a designated Fleet Control & GPS Monitoring Centre in Brisbane to monitor and analyse real-time data.

LCR use the latest in IVMS GPS tracking technology, connected devices and flexible platforms to deliver high grade suite of products and services to help improve productivity, increase efficiency and deliver a world class lone safety systems to protect a businesses most valuable assets.

Our range of IVMS GPS tracking systems monitor vehicle activity including driver performance and real-time tracking Asset tracking with a range of battery powered devices capable to providing valuable location information from almost anywhere on the planet.

Innovative Technology Driving Safety & Results

  • Integrated Vehicle Management systems

    Centralised safety systems monitoring entire fleet in real time

  • Advanced Technology Systems

    Trailer Tracking, Asset tracking, Business Intelligence, Sign on glass technology, Virtual Reality technology systems

  • Centralised safety and operations systems

    Tyre pressure and temperature monitoring systems

  • Personnel Tracking

    Driver fatigue and distraction monitoring camera systems

  • Electronic Work Diaries (EWD)

    Electronic Documents and Safe Journey systems

  • Privacy, Confidentiality & Security

    Stringent processes are followed to ensure security of all information generated by LCR software. Information generated is tagged and stored in an Electronic Document Management System for privacy, confidentiality and security purposes.