Cranes and Transport

Since 2004, LCR has provided mobile lifting and transport solutions with proven safety and reliability.

LCR operates a modern and diverse fleet of Cranes and Trucks to suit varied project applications and to provide clients with end to end lift and transport solutions.

LCR Industrial Services are utilised across many industries; Construction & Infrastructure, Residential & Commercial Construction, Engineering & Fabrication, Oil & Gas, Coal Mining & Renewable Energy.

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Mobile Lifting and Heavy Transport Service includes;

  • Wet and Dry Hire of Specialised Mobile Cranes ranging from 20T to 500T (Read more about the LCR Crane Fleet below).
  • Labour Hire
  • Lift Planning & Supervision
  • Ancillary Material Handling
  • Specialised Transport of Dimensional and Over-Dimensional Equipment & Heavy Machinery
  • Precast Concrete Guarders and Piles
  • Mining, Civil and Tunnelling Equipment Transportation

Safety is our way of life.

  • Detailed lift analysis and planning for safety and efficiency
  • Stringent safety policies and procedures
  • Modern fleet with inbuilt safety technology
  • Australian Safety and Training standards
  • Skilled and experienced labour
  • Trucks fitted with wi-fi modems and cameras to monitor truck and trailer location, speeds, tyre pressure, engine data and driver fatigue signs.
  • Read more about LCR Safety & Technology

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